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​​​​​Empowered Life Skills Coaching 



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​Empowered Life Skills Coaching


Life skills are competencies that an individual acquires throughout childhood, adolescence, into early adulthood that prepares an individual for independent living in adulthood.  Life skills are essential, as they give clients with disabilities more independence and control over their lives.  To live independently, a young adult  must be able to dress and groom appropriately; socialize sufficiently to maintain employment and friendship; make decisions about money; and use transportation to get to work and other activities.  Young adults with developmental disabilities may be highly competent in some areas, but have limited skills in other areas.  Life coaching can provide the support necessary to successfully navigate independent living!

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"Selam's work with our daughter proved how impactful she was, through dedication, intelligence and commitment.  Selam designed weekly schedules for our daughter that included daily chores, a reward plan, weekly menu planning and facilitating social outings.  She worked with us as a team to create plans collaboratively that allowed our daughter a voice in the plan."

"Selam worked very successfully with my daughter.  She was enthusiastic, reliable and thorough.  She clearly stated next steps, and met my daughter promptly each time as promised.  She kept me up to date on their progress.  The whole experience not only resulted in a new job, but an increase in self-confidence for my daughter.  I give a whole-hearted endorsement of Selam."


Life Skills Training

What are Life Skills?

With Empowered Life Skills Coaching, adults with disability receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring to learn to live independently.  The Coach provides supportive services in the following settings:

  • ​Home Setting: Teach clients how to organize and manage their household


  • ​Post-Secondary Education: Assist and coach client how to navigate the school system and teach self-advocacy skills

  • Work Setting: Assist as a Job Coach to help clients learn new skills at the job,  and/or obtain new employment

  • ​Community Settings: Mentor clients in Social Skills by teaching them to make social plans and participate in activities of their choice, thereby reducing isolation