A coach can support the client to search for post-secondary school of interest, whether that be a four year university, a community college or vocational program.  A Life Skills Coach can assist with campus tours and meetings.  Guide and assist student with the school systems and act as a liaison to help facilitate communication between: teachers, students, school disability center, and parents.

Independent Living Skills


Independent living skills includes coaching an Individual in the following areas: household management, hygiene and grooming, cooking and food handling, grocery shopping, public transportation training, health and wellness awareness.  

Academic Support

Empowering Individuals with Disability to Live Life Independently

Career Services

​​​Soaring is not just for Seagulls, let me support you in reaching your highest peak

​Empowered Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills Coaching first begins with an assessment to determine strengths, preferences and needs in four major areas: Independently Living Skills, Academic Support, Career Services and Social Skills.  The results of the assessment form the basis of a plan that includes goals in any one or more of the following life skills:

Empowered Life Skills Coaching

Participants are taught awareness of their relationship with others, how to develop conversational skills and understand social expectations.  Clients are also taught how to make social plans and to find people with common interests.

Social Skills 

Individuals learn to assess their interest and career goal.  Learn to create a resume and cover letter, work on interviewing skills, develop the skills to find a job or volunteer opportunity.

A Life Skills Coach can also assist the client in the workplace as a Job Coach.  A Job Coach acts as a liaison between the client and the employer, supports the client in keeping a job, works with the client to try new activities and learn new job duties.